2005 was neat. But this is way better.

Remember 2005? In 2005, Panasonic introduced the TH-65PX500. It was the world's first 65″ 1080p Plasma (the press for the display actually defined the HDMI acronym). It was a cool $9k. In 2005 I was using a Nokia N-Gage as my phone – it didn't have a camera, but it did allow me to install “apps.” Yes, I had a web browser on my phone back then, too. Twitter wouldn't be born for another year, and you still had to be a college student to join Facebook. The iPhone wasn't really even a rumor, and Apple was still 100% PowerPC (ok that, that last one was geeky).

The other day I posted a pic to Twitter. This was a snapshot pic of my son, sitting in front of our 65″ plasma screen (no, it wasn't even close to $9k) playing a computer game. My son will never know that playing computer games on that screen just isn't “normal.” We don't watch traditional “TV,” instead everything we watch is delivered through the internet, on DVD/Blu-ray, or on our AppleTV. Back to the picture… close to 1,000 people were able to see the pic, a pic I took with my phone – instantly. Remember having to download images to your computer before using them? Or, if you're old enough, dropping off film rolls to be developed? Yikes.

There are things in our lives, things we use every day that just a few short years ago didn't exist. We didn't perceive a need for them, or they just simply weren't possible. These are the same things that many people relentlessly complain about of course – forgetting how amazing the technology really is. Here's a quick example: “the iPad doesn't have a camera, or USB ports.” Really?

As you move though your day, give each piece of technology in your lives a few seconds of respect. No, technology isn't perfect, and no it's not always obvious. But the stuff we have today is amazing, and it's just going to get better.

What do you see that is just amazing?

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