Accept responsibility for you, and live the life you’ve been dreaming of.

It's become apparent to me that our culture is headed in a very disturbing direction. It's commonplace to blame everything negative in one's life on someone or something else. If I'm overweight it's fast food's fault. If I'm in debt, it has to be predatory lending practices and/or the credit card industry. If I'm caught speeding by a cop hidden behind a bush, it's entrapment. If work stinks, it's because they just don't get it.

If we continue to blame others for our situation, how will we ever achieve what most people truly desire? How can we possibly be happy if someone else has control? The truth is, you have the power to change it all. You have the power to make your life everything you could ever imagine.

The first step? Accept responsibility. Once you accept responsibility for everything in your life, the good and the bad, you'll be able to easily identify areas to target. There is no magic pill unfortunately – making changes takes a little discipline and lots of work. The good news? Change doesn't have to come all at once.

Change is about learning new behaviors. Each person learns at a different pace though, so just pick a place to start, and do your best. Eventually you'll get the hang of it, and even embrace it. Once you succeed in making one change, the others will be easier.

You have the power to change your life in amazing and unexpected ways, but you must first accept responsibility for the “you” you've become. You must first accept that you are where you are because of decisions you've made in the past and that decisions you make from this day forward can and will significantly impact the “you” of the future.

How can I help with the changes you need to make?

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