Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, or Microsoft Office 365?

I’m thinking about forcing a potentially life changing event, and I need your help to make the decision. But not everyone qualifies to answer. The qualifications for participation are important here – I’m asking for advice on a very specific problem, and you’ll need experience with all three platforms to offer the most relevant input.

Here are the qualifications:

1) You’ve used Apple’s latest iCloud release on the web, desktop, and iOS. That is to say that you have used the latest releases of every iCloud software on web, iOS, and desktop. Note, if you use Windows on the desktop, this does not apply to you at all because the desktop version of iCloud isn’t made for Windows.

2) You’ve recently used Google’s “documents” in any of its forms on the web, and in an iOS app (iPad Pro hopefully). Mostly the latter, because it’s my pain-point. Like, command keys don’t work as expected.

3) You’ve recently used the Microsoft 365 suite, desktop, web, and mobile, all the latest releases.

I don’t store files locally on my computer, so everything must be available on the cloud. My laptop could die, and I wouldn’t miss a beat. That means the interaction with the appropriate web/desktop/iOS filesystems needs to perform, too.

If you match all three qualifications, here is my question: Is there any reason what so ever to continue to suffer through the Google products on iOS (web is fine, but not even close in features) in order to share a few files with people every now and then on the web. When I work on IOS, I dread my documents scenario (Docs/Sheets/Presentation) because the web interfaces on iOS are terrible, and the native iOS apps appear to be calling it in (they don’t feel like they have a product owner that cares).

In my opinion, both iCloud and Microsoft’s iOS products are superior to Google’s in every way imaginable. The reason I’m not 100% sold on Microsoft is that I have a split scenario right now where about 75% of my stuff is on Google’s cloud, and the other 25% is in iCloud. There is very, very little in Office 365.

Remember, there are three qualifications here before you comment. If you don’t qualify, and you comment, it’ll be like you explaining to me how easy it is to write code, having never written a line yourself. 🙂

Comments? Thank you!

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One thought on “Apple’s iCloud, Google Drive, or Microsoft Office 365?

  • December 26, 2016 at 5:27 pm


    Done all 3 recently…

    Microsoft is the better of all 3. Microsoft’s Mac based Onedrive tool is far behind the consumer version, so if you care about syncing at all then that’s something to consider. That said they invented Exchange which everybody supports, they invented .doc and .xls which is the gold standard that everybody supports.

    iCloud is great for photos but their Work products aren’t very good so yes you can use their cloud storage and photos stuff but if you’re using it for business just take it off the list.


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