The effects of an unfiltered reality

Living a good life doesn’t require a 40 year career. It doesn’t require god, and more to the point, it doesn’t require the laundry list of “things” our parents demanded: a retirement fund, college, marriage, a house in the burbs, a nice car, a good credit score, etc.

What we’re seeing today is effects of mass access to data, access to an unfiltered reality. Whether you think that’s a good thing will depend on your ability to see through the filters you’ve chosen and/or already paid for.

We have access to opportunities our parents would never have dreamed of. And it’s not just the millennial generation that’s seeing through veil of the centuries. Why do you believe what you believe – religion, finance, limits, jobs, fashion, education… question all of it. Then, be you, for you, BY YOU.

The next couple of decades will be interesting. Thoughts? Comments? I’d love to hear from you.

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