Game changers: YouTube on AppleTV

Today Apple released a software update for the AppleTV that allows you to watch YouTube content on your TV. When Apple announced this, I thought it was a non-story. Then I saw the screenshots and the impact hit me.

I have to be forthright… I don't spend much time with YouTube on my computer(s). When I'm in front of my laptop, for instance, I'm usually working. If not, I'm tuned in to my RSS feeds. When I'm in front of the TV though, I'm obviously looking to kill time.

Typically “killing time” involves video podcasts, or our Thursday evening TV night (Survivor, Smallville, Grey's, Heroes), but now I have some other short-attention content to watch.

Way to go Apple/Google, this will be interesting. Remember when the networks controlled what was on your TV? Those days are gone.

More at AppleInsider

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