So little imagination

One of the rock star texturers in Second Life posted a very grounded look at the state of Second Life. The tides are turning and the next year will be filled with negative press and doubt.

Here's a snippet:

“Its somehow fundamentally frightening that with all the press SL has gotten, both good and bad, that so very few possess within themselves the spark of creativity and imagination that unlocks Second Life's potential. If all you can think to do is fly around and watch people have simulated sex and stare at the freaks, then that's all you're going to find. If you wait to be entertained, demanding that your virtual life be catered to, then you will feel disappointment.

But – if like I did, the first night I signed up for SL, you fly around and explore and discover a sex shop with a myriad of poses and positions better suited for Olympic gymnasts, and think not that &#34this place is a cesspool" but instead think &#34wow, this really IS a place where you can make anything", then there's your first step. If in your rush to be a passive absorber of entertainment, you never even see the flip side of those kinky toys – the side that says &#34this is a place where anything I imagine, with enough time and effort and practice, I can create from thin air, and its not even allowed but encouraged" – then you miss what Second Life is fundamentally about.”

The last sentence of her entry is telling: “We probably wouldn't tell you to let the door hit you on the way out, but we'll be happy to show you what we're up to when you finally come around.”

Have a look for yourself… it is a great read: So little imagination

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