Speed, I am Speed.

Broadband is definitely here. Now, what kind of fun applications can we build around it?

Audio and video are being done. Tons of great services already exist in the media space. But what other kinds of applications will 1.3MB/sec bandwidth allow? Second Life is a great start, and maybe the full 3D internet will emerge soon, but those aren't what I'm thinking here.

Here's an idea from the past… NeXT (Apple) had the ability to execute applications on remote computers as if they were local. The GUI would be the only thing executing on your computer, the rest of the app lived on the other computer.

Are there some cool network OS ideas out there? Truly distributed apps maybe? I'm thinking along the lines of Amazon's Web Services and the EC2 platform. Remote storage like S3, integrated into the desktop?

What do you think?

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