The iPhone price drop

At Apple's fall special event, Steve Jobs introduced a whole new lineup of iPods. From the Shuffle to the iPod touch, everything was refreshed. But the big news for iPhone users is that the 8GB iPhone price dropped to $399 from $599. Now what?

I'm an Apple user. I upgrade to the latest versions of everything, budget willing, which usually works out great. And sometimes this behavior puts me squarely into the “Early Adopter” group.

If you're not a tried and true early adopter, and unfortunately many that bought the iPhone are not, you're going to be upset by the $200 drop. Good news… if you bought it within the last 14 days, you're entitled to a refund for the difference. If not? GET OVER IT.

Every single product you buy, especially electronics, is going to have a price decrease or is going to be replaced by newer and cooler products. It is how the market grows.

Personally, I don't have a problem with the price drop. I AM an early adopter and view that $200 as the price of being one. It was so very worth it to me.

Bottom line, if you don't want to pay the early adopter premiums, don't buy 1.0 products. From anyone.

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