The mobile lifestyle done right, a network of… hotels?

While trying to come up with a usable solution for a friend of mine's mobile lifestyle requirements, it occurred to me that there is an untapped network of temporary living spaces around the world. It is just that the owners, the hotel chains, don't know it yet.

If you're untethered (single, no kids, can work anywhere there is wifi, and can travel) this idea might be interesting to you. Instead of paying rent to an apartment community or landlord, why not pay a flat package price for your living space… to a service? With the monthly price, you get total location flexibility with only a few days advance notice. You get housekeeping, coffee, laundry facilities, continental breakfasts, location independence, and all of the other benefits of staying at a hotel.

The inventory you're buying would be vacant hotel rooms in cities around the world. Imagine, one day you're in Denver, a few days later Colorado Springs. From there you may go to New Mexico, or Texas. The idea is that you're not at all tied to a city. Your home is the next place you decide to visit. You could use this plan with air travel of course to make it more interesting. If you find yourself in Seattle, but want to go to San Diego for a week, just choose the room you want and go.

I envision the interface as a Google Maps mashup of locations with availability. We already know that hotel inventory is accessible on the fly… just take it a step further and map it out.

There could be packages, from platinum down to silver, that determine what kind of rooms you'll get. You can always upgrade a stay so if you're a silver member, and want to upgrade for a week to platinum, you can do that.

If you open this idea to apartments and even individual home owners, add a ranking system for the accommodations and the hosts it could get really interesting. Want to stay a week in Ft. Lauderdale? Hit the map and look for the green thumbtacks.

What do you think? Does this idea work?

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