The upside down of task lists: the “Not to do” list.

An idea surfaced while having coffee this morning with my friend Antonia. We were discussing “accountability,” and the fact that while we (all of us) know specifically what needs to be done to be effective, what should get done isn’t always the thing that does.

Frankly, the normal behavior when realizing that you’re not being effective is to reflect on what’s “important,” create a list of tasks based on whatever filters, goals, and outcomes seem to be the priority, then commit to doing it. Again. Because this time it’ll be different.

I propose something new. Instead of creating another “to do” list that adds to your already pressed psyche, how about a “Not to do” list. What are the things you do day to day that aren’t helping achieve your goals? What things or obligations do you have that aren’t ultimately going to help you?

Downsizing is common today. Less stuff, smaller places, smaller ecological footprints. Why not apply that to external obligations that may simply be in the way of achieving your version of greatness?

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