A fun new project… grillm.com

Chris and I came up with a really cool idea for distraction project. We decided to try and build it within 24 man hours… and we did it.

http://grillm.com is a simple social networking site… with a twist. You don't know anyone and the way you get friends is to earn their friendship by asking questions. You click their picture and ask a question. They answer the question and if you like the answer, you ask another and so on.

Eventually you'll decide to add them as a friend, and when you do they'll have access to your full profile. That access grants them the ability to see your myspace, facebook, vox, etc. accounts and to see your grillm.com friends as well. If they like you, then they'll probably like your friends, too.

Remember, you know nothing about these people before you ask them a question… you've only see their icon.

This thing is cool, and if the first private beta day was any indication, we're going to be busy guys keeping up with the requests… and traffic. It is a good thing we have H5's app servers to power it 😉

Thanks to everyone that signed up, you guys ROCK! See it for yourself here: http://grillm.com

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