: Five questions to ask a total stranger

This is an entry I made on the thefives blog. It summarizes everything succinctly. I wanted to give you all an update on the status of The support for this project has been nothing short of amazing. We have 5 confirmed hosts, and three referrals that I've yet to hear from. Based on the … Read more : Five questions to ask a total stranger

Game changers:

At first glance, looks like another way to stream a live webcam. Look a little deeper and you'll see that they're changing the live broadcast model. I was introduced to while listening to a podcast called net@nite with Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur. They mentioned a live video feed, and that feed was … Read more Game changers:

Welcome to the new

I know this is taboo and very uncommon in the blogging world, but I'm starting over. I've retooled and am re-inventing everything around it. started life in the 90's as the website for my company zerologic corporation. It served that duty well until 2001, the year we created HyperSites. Post HyperSites, it really … Read more Welcome to the new