Excitement and passion.

I've been AFK for quite a while, focusing my work time on HyperSites exclusively. It is better than ever as a result… but now it is time to spend my off hours building my passion.

My passion is called Social Ingenuity. It is a huge project that centers directly in the social networking space. It has a few fundamental differences compared to most of what we're seeing in this space. First and foremost, it will allow people to leverage their social networks to build companies.

Social Ingenuity is so big in fact, that I've come up with a great way to get started slowly. Rather than try to build a monster application to support the company, I'm going to start it locally. This will allow us to find great talent to start the global version properly.

I'll have more news soon, but if your curiosity has been piqued, have a look at Social Ingenuity. Ping me with questions.

Social Ingenuity Passion in Practice

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