Jon Sullivan. A man and his passion.

I've been participating in conversations around finding one's passion, then monetizing it as a means to improve your quality of life. If you're doing what you love, then the rest will come.

This is Jon Sullivan. I've known Jon for years… I met him (and his now wife) while working in one of our “offices” (read, Starbucks) in Plano, Texas. Coincidentally, this is the same Starbucks that we plucked Chris out of, but I digress.

Jon works at a major mobile phone company by day, but by night and weekends? He makes guitars… by hand. He was a part of the metal revolution in the late 80s, and knew several of the guys that ended up making it big. Jon also played in a KISS cover band… KISS was my favorite group for years. He's a fantastic guitarist, and hasn't been out in the world in a while with his music.

Until today. The title of his post? “had way too much fun with this….

I'm including this clip to give you an idea of what can happen when you practice your passion. The video is fun, and the song of course great, but neither are the point of my post. My post is about a guy playing with video, in a room, recording himself practicing his passion.

Cheers Jon, you ROCK.

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