The curse of being an idea guy

I'm in an unbelievably cool place. Not only can we (my friends the collective) come up with fantastic ideas, but we can actually build them, market them, and sell them. The network is the idea.

So begins the curse.

The curse is having these ideas and knowing that there is always something fun to do. To make it worse, clearly there is not enough time to do them all.

Take for example. At one point, in addition to HyperSites, I was building PCs for friends, training people in Second Life, and doing a video experiment… and those were the things I put on the site. Add to those my responsibilities as a father, husband, friend, etc. it was way too complicated.

Focus. This is an area that I will admit I'm lacking in. Don't get me wrong, I focus on the task at hand – these days I think to a fault. Just ask Chris. What I'm talking about is taming my entrepreneurial wild thing.

I've whittled my pro life down to two things: HyperSites and Social Ingenuity. Anything else that comes along is weighed against those in areas of passion and desire. This hasn't been a problem… until now.

A friend of mine approached me with an idea that crosses a threshold I've been thinking a lot about: the geek threshold. Most of the things I see in my circle are targeted specifically at geeks. People that are already familiar with technology and geek out on all things social. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. One local company has even made it easier to see what all of your friends are doing on all of those networks in one consistent feed. You can post to several at once using their software.

But to what end? Is keeping up with your friends the point? Or is it telling a story? Publishing, or subscribing? Creating, or consuming?

We have an idea that makes everyone in your life (literally everyone with a computer) a participant in your life's story. More soon.

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