How to change your life: Perspective

In How to change your life: Your friends and How to change your life: Back to the basics we looked at tailoring your social circle and pruning your lifestyle to acheive a minimum base. In this post we'll look at the correlation between your perspective of, and the reality of your life.

We've all heard these sayings before: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” “Life is what you make of it.” “If you want to be 'rich,' do what rich people do.”

These sayings are really simple reminders that we're in total control of our lives. Sure there are external influences, but ultimately we wake up every day and we choose to do what ever it is we do. We choose the work we do, when to go to bed, and when and what to eat. But most importantly, we choose our perspective on life.

Have you ever encountered someone that has an unrealisticlly postive view of everything? They see good in tragedy, and in being cut off in traffic: “Hey, he's probably having a bad day. At least he didn't hit me!” Likewise, there are people that will always find something to complain about, or some injustice lobbed in their diretion. The world isn't fair to these people – they have to fight for everything, and nobody enjoys being around them.

We all have a default lens through which we view life. It's the gut reaction we have when we face a challenge, obstacle, or even meet someone new. What's your default?

Pay attention to your lens today. Do you complain about things, if even to yourself? Your meal, your office mate, your yard, your computer? If so, you should really determine how useful that perspective is to you. Does it provide value in some way to those listening? Do your words and actions make you somone that others are drawn to and want to be around?

It takes work, but after making the switch to a positive perspective on life, you'll be amazed at how much better everything is. Choose not to dwell on negatives and things over which you have no control. Remove the words “worry,” “jealous,” “hate,” and similar from your vocabulary. They're all negatives.

The takeaway: your perspective on life will guide you directly to more of that perspective. Be positive, encouraging, and focus your heart and soul on being an amazing human being. The rest will follow, I gurantee it.

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