Q&A: How do you live frugally with a sense of grace and abundance?

This is a great question sent from a friend on Facebook. I thought it was important enough to share here.

“I am curious as to how you think a community can be encouraged to live frugally without forfeiting a sense of grace and abundance. Your thoughts are appreciated.”

The answer is a matter of perspective, in my opinion. The law of attraction and the abundance theory are really beliefs. Attraction is to bring the things you want into your life by providing them persistent, positive focus (“Think and Grow Rich,” “The Secret,” etc.). Abundance, at its core is simply the opposite of scarcity, both of which are perceptions.

Look at it this way: everyone should want to “attract” a strong sense of calm and abundance with your finances. Budgeting and frugality are not contradictory with that desire. Instead of approaching them from the perspective of scarcity, approach them from the perspective of abundance.

Don't focus on squeezing every penny out of the “little money” you have. Instead, focus on telling the wealth you're building specifically where you want it to go. The problem with most people's finances is that they have no idea how or where their money is being spent. Be a good shepherd.

Other people's perceptions of our actions cause us to do, or not do silly things in life. We buy new cars because it makes us look wealthy. We buy new houses with payments far beyond reasonable so we look wealthy and affluent. I'm here to tell you that your perception of your actions is what matters most. Grace is in your heart. If you know deep within that you're doing the right thing for you (and your family) then that will become apparent to those around you.

I hope that helps. 🙂

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