I’ve got a new Startup. What do you think?

Today, I'm announcing a new startup. I've been working on this one for more than 20 years (is that still a Startup?), so I think it's finally time to unleash it. It already has a blog, a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and even a Flickr account. Soon it will have a video Podcast, and maybe even a live show from time to time on UStream. It will play in the “whatever-the-hell-it-wants” space. Sound like fun? Curious? Without further ado, my new Startup is… me.

Every startup has a mission, and here's mine: “To help others enjoy life as much as I do.” It's that simple. I have many interests, most of which are centered around five topics: self, family, personal finance, business, and technology.

As if there were any question, I'm a geek – a technology connoisseur – and I'll share the things I see with you. I usually read close to 1000 RSS feed titles per day and have a constant stream of live news via Twitter and other social media sources. I see, read, and listen to lots of things, and I'm going to share them with you in the hopes that I can improve your technology consumption. Not just in quantity of course, but quality too. I've got another post coming that will add a little clarity to this concept. I'll get you up to date, and keep you there.

Advanced Imagesetting was the name of my first DBA (I was 19). Today I run an 8 year old web software (startup?) company called HyperSites. HyperSites is a browser-based web development platform for web designers. My newest project is called Callisto. Callisto made it's feedback debut at Podcamp Boulder earlier this year as yourTuner. I'll put up a post about it soon, but the gist is streaming channels of podcast content with a super simple player interface. I think you'll like it, especially if you're a podcaster – or – if you couldn't care less about podcasts. I have a million stories relating to starting, and failing in business and I'll share them with you.

Personal Finance
In late 2007, my wife and I decided that we'd had enough. We were a little over $50k in debt, and could never seem to get ahead. I started listening to a guy named Dave Ramsey and the rest (and our debt) is history. I sold my favorite car, and we cut expenses to a minimum to pay it all off within a year. I'll share the gory details of how we did it, and how we continue to save and spend wisely. Being debt free is amazing, and I'll help you get there.

My goal isn't to be a daddy blogger (not that there's anything wrong with that). My wife Heather and I have been together going on 15 years – we've been married for 7 and have never been happier. Communication started very early, and continues today on everything from our son to finances, and alone time. Our amazing son Zion is about to turn five. I'll share my relationship and parenting experiences with you.

Looking back is always easy, right? I've had four, going on five careers. I've created companies all of my adult life and haven't had a J-O-B since 1992. I quit smoking cold turkey after 17 years of a pack a day. I dropped 40 lbs by simply paying attention. I've gone from 5 pets to one son. I've moved more times than I can remember since childhood and have lived on both coasts and several places in between. But above all, I've lived a full life and have a pretty unique perspective on the world. I'll be happy to share it with you.

If you haven't picked it up, this startup is all about sharing with you, the reader. It is about helping you create good things in your lives and building a conversations around it. Want to join me? Want to help? Spread the word, and most of all, participate. Leave comments, no matter how silly or serious you think they might be. I want to hear from you, however that works for you.

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