Repost: For those that know me…

[This entry originally appeared in the old blog on 03/23/06. I've reposted it here for those that requested it. Enjoy.]

… you'll know just how funny my latest technology purchase was: an analog amplified indoor antenna.

Why? Frst of all… we only really watch local tv. Sure we'd likely watch more, but who really has time for that? Would I rather spend that time with my family… or maybe in front of my laptop?

Second, and most importantly really, Z likes PBS in the morning, and doesn't watch TV outside of that. We watch Survivor and Desperate Housewives pretty much.

Third, why should we pay $55/mo to Comcast to watch what we can get free?

Fourth, we're going to be watching more and more shows from iTunes, at our convenience.

Fifth, it was $24.95 @ Walmart… which is less than two months of Comcast's “basic” cable service.

Sixth, we have Netflix.

I'll keep you posted on how this works out.


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