Repost: I was on to something: Rabbit Ears

[This entry originally appeared in the old blog on 04/30/07. I've reposted it here for those that requested it. Enjoy.]

About a year ago I published a post entitled “If you know me…” where I let everyone know that bought a set of rabbit ears for my television viewing. I didn't want cable, or satellite, since most of what we watch is (was?) broadcast television.

While the purchase was interesting from the “retro” perspective, I ended up going with cable anyway as the signal just wasn't consistent at all.

Later in the year I bought an HDTV, and since I had Comcast internet I decided that I'd give Comcast's HD service a go. It was a great decision, the HD detail makes a major difference.

The Comcast setup process took about 3 days. It was a painful 3 days let me tell you. I had this great TV and no content… until I remembered the rabbit ears. They were “HDTV Ready.” We've got a match.

We used the rabbit ears for those few days to watch a little football, some CSI, etc. Good times.

This post was about my experience with HDTV and rabbit ears… which was about a year early… according to this story 'Rabbit ears' find new life in HDTV age.

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