Startup Weekend begins tonight

Some of Boulder's best and brightest startup talent is gathering tonight at 6. What exactly we'll be doing is still totally unclear, but the result will be a complete startup/product on Monday morning. If the idea is solid, there is plenty of opportunity for going big. Frankly, with the people involved, I expect just that.

There are 70 people signed up. Think about that for a second. An entire company's worth of high level talent, coming together to build something cool over the course of a weekend.

For updates on the project, keep an eye on

I have to thank my wife Heather for her support on this. She'll be responsible fully for Z and will have little time to herself while I'm off creating something cool with my friends. She has plans to take our 3 year old son Z to the Colorado Renaissance festival on Sunday. She'll have fun! Thanks Heather! Don't forget about daycare! 🙂

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