VoSnap, Inc. – The fruit of StartupWeekend.com

Well under way, Startup Weekend is absolutely one of the coolest things I've been involved in. The company we've created is a web/sms service for making quick decisions.

If you want to ask a few friends about a decision you want to make, come to the site, enter their email addresses, or mobile phone numbers, and we'll send the questions and options to them. They reply within a given time period and you're notified of the results. There is way more to it than that, especially if you ask the developers, but that is the general idea. Think pro features, white labeling, etc.

Everyone broke in to groups of specialty after the idea was chosen. For example: marketing/pr, front end development, creative, back end development, business development, legal, and user experience. These teams formed magically. How cool.

Normally I'd stick myself into one of the dev teams, but as I grow I want to offer my experience to as many people as will listen. So with this project, I signed up in the “I get things done” role. I floated from group to group, and if I say so myself, that worked well. I spent most of yesterday with the user experience team.

Keep an eye on the site… it will launch today (it may be tonight!) but it will go. Absolutely the best way to get a quick vote is with VoSnap. 😉

Let me know what you think. Oh, we were TechCrunched (thanks Mike!) We were the featured show last night for quite a while on ustream.tv, and will be streaming the event live today too. Check it out at at ustream.tv

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